Jeremy Lindblom

Jeremy is a PHP software engineer at Amazon Web Services in Seattle, WA, where he works on the AWS SDK for PHP and strives to make it easier for PHP developers to work with “the cloud” (). Outside of work he likes to work on personal and open source PHP projects, help organize the Seattle PHP Meetup Group, spend time with his family, make funny faces, watch movies, and eat yummy food.

PHP Software Engineer 

“Software Developer Engineer” at AWS. Studied computer science and programming at ASU. Develops and contributes to open source PHP libraries like the AWS SDK for PHP, Guzzle, Super Closure, and PHP Design Patterns. Works with tools like Composer, PhpStorm, Git, PHPUnit, Phing, etc.

Web App Developer 

Former lead developer of Synapse Studios. Former contractor for Skyhook Internet Marketing. Worked on Nestablish, ASBCS Online, and Goodman Dental Center. Familiar with PHP, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, MySQL, XML, AWS, MVC frameworks, Wordpress, Photoshop, and more.

PHP Evangelist 

A co-organizer of the Seattle PHP Meetup Group and an active troll in the PHP Framework Interop Group. Consultant for PHP related classes and projects for the ASU computer science program. Contributor to PHP community-oriented projects like PHP: The Right Way. PHP conference speaker.

Aspiring Speaker & Blogger 

Speaker at Symfony Live Portland 2013, Web & PHP Con, AWS re:Invent, Desert Code Camp, and the Seattle PHP Meetup Group. Guest lecturer multiple times at ASU. Writes for the AWS PHP Development blog and has other posts scattered around the Internet.